<THE MIDNIGHT> is out of the stock. Thank you!

We start the stock sale of <THE MIDNIGHT>

[Deposit period] 

2015.02.03 PM 01:12(Korean time) ~ when it’s out of stock

[The things be aware of] 

We are going to ship the stuff included FC 12 gift in the order of deposit quantity. 

First comer 12SET(FC 12) gifts : Mini desk calendar, calendar hard box(black edition)

All gifts : THE MIDNIGHT silver edition

FC 12 will be counted by order quantity not a number of depositor.

The calendar box, which is one of FC gifts, will be given to ‘THE DOMESTIC RESIDENT’ due to the matter of the box’s volume.

If the shipping address is to overseas, we will give calendar for FC 12depositor. 

After deposit of the stock sale, please fill the form on order board.   

PAY-PAL is is QNA and GROUP ORDER mail. 


VOL DE NUIT is planning to produce first DVD package [THE MIDNIGHT]

Please give us your attention and you can check the details through the information below.

[The final confirmed specification]

DVD set : 4CD / 2digipack / running time 278 min.

All gifts : B5 photo book 72p / B3 poster 2 types / DVD booklet 12p / postcard 8 types / folding postcard set of 6 / transparent photo card + photo card 8 types / metal bookmark / slip hard case

FC 112 gifts : mini desk calendar / calendar hard box 

*Addition and changes

1. Upgraded photo book size(A5 -> B5)

2. Added  folding postcard 6 types, DVD booklet 12p and photo card  instead of a pencil and memo note.


DVD set : Digipack / 4cd / running time undecided / 2012~2014 released data, unreleased data and released re-edit ver. data included /  


All special gifts : Mini Photo book(about 70page / A5 size) / slip hard case / B3 size poster 2 types / Transparent photo card set / Post card set / Note / Pencil / Metal bookmark 

First come gifts for 112 persons : Mini desk calendar with calendar box

You can get first come gifts as long as you are in 112 persons regardless of your order quantity.  


Deposit period : 2014. 09. 12 PM 01:12 ~ 2014. 11. 12

Shipping : The middle of December planned


1 set 42,000 KRW (42USD) + EMS

Please check EMS fee table on QNA board

If you have a question for order, ask in QNA board or E-MAIL (

[Deposit account]

Industrial Bank of Korea(IBK) 11219930112 / VDN



Pay-Pal :


After deposit, please fill the form on order board. After checking your payment, i will move to other board to keep.   

If you would like to make a group order for overseas purchase, please contact me on trough QNA board or email me(

Schedule and specifications can be changed. In that case, It will be notified. 

Refund or returns cannot be made once you make a deposit.